Since inception, the practice has worked diligently and deliberately to maintain the highest standards of design and technical excellence. Our mission is to provide unique solutions for each project – an approach that underlines a spirit and identity arising out of an interaction of technical skills, imagination and the client’s needs and desires. The participation of the end user in the design process is a key ingredient of our approach.

Design alters life and lifestyle
A Space to Admire

A piece of sculpture crafted in white marble with a golden crown at the top. One cannot resist clicking photographs while crossing Gurudwara...

by Kanwal Thareja Architects  |  14 June 2019
World’s busiest pedestrian street

While travelling to Shanghai, my local friend recommended that I must visit Nanjing Street. I asked why...

by Kanwal Thareja Architects  |  19 June 2019
Simplicity of water and greens

It is almost like landform is melting down in water bodies. Landscape design looks so natural and unbelievable...

by Kanwal Thareja Architects  |  14 June 2019
Narrow Streets of Jalandhar, Punjab, India

Human scale street scape built with local bricks where colour and texture of light filter through narrow streets...

by Kanwal Thareja Architects  |  14 June 2019
Urban Development: Unlimited!

A highway passing through the dense fabric of multi-storey buildings. Being an urban designer from ....

by Kanwal Thareja Architects  |  14 June 2019
Fashion Architecture Interiors get influenced!

We have observed that architecture, interiors and furniture have started going the ‘fashion’ way....

by Kanwal Thareja Architects  |  01 July 2019