We are KANWAL THAREJA ARCHITECTS – Architecture design consultancy firm in Delhi, India and our story begins in 1995. We offers a range of services and seeks creative solutions to opportunities and problems in the built environment. It is motivated by the desire to provide sensitive and stimulating environments for people who articulate and facilitate all aspects of human life. Our team in collaborative ethos allow us to take full responsibility for any project, from sketch to construction

We pride ourselves on the sensorial richness of our work, our approach is that built environment must be usable, energy efficient and cost effective. The aim is to provide unique solutions to each project; an approach that exhibits a spirit and identity arising out of the interaction of Technical skills; Imagination and the Client’s needs and desires.

We shape our projects through the collective intelligence of dedicated team having an in disciplinary practice in Architecture, Urban Design, Graphic Design, Interior design, Furniture design, Municipal Approvals & coordination, Selective Interior execution and Project Management.

Design for people to build better world

We love to be close to our clients, thinking along with them so that we can embrace their social, economic and sustainability goals. A timeless design ensures that a building will enjoy a long life, which is why we design buildings that people love and want to keep using. Timelessness means that buildings are enduringly beautiful and that they are adaptable through a certain pragmatic simplicity.

Our approach to function is based on our belief that every inch in and around a building should enrich the overall sensation it creates.We believe in team spirit to work with positive energy to create homogeneous indoor and outdoor spaces. The built environment should satisfy the need of healthy living, working,shopping & entertainment.

We do take challenging projects on highly visible location for prestigious clients