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Fashion Architecture Interiors get influenced!

Posted on July 01, 2019   |   By Kanwal Thareja Architects

We have observed that architecture, interiors and furniture have started going the ‘fashion’ way. Just as fashions change, similarly the style of architecture also tends to change. It is necessary to analyse current style as both, a trend and an influence. Trend is quite simply, a reflection of what is popular at any given time. Fashion becomes a trend or fashion statement when the latest and popular styles are adopted by the masses.

Every aspect of our life, be it our lifestyle or our mannerisms, influence our built environment too. Our habits, style, culture and economic background mould our personality. Each individual has an affinity towards a certain type of clothing and shelter. It is said that what we eat is what we think. Similarly, the way we dress is the way we perform. Dressing habits influence our style of living. Style of living moulds our outlook towards the selection of an Architecture style. Revolution in technology and availability of wide range of materials may generate new elements, required to develop exclusive concept of dressing or shelter.

No one likes to adopt old fashion styles that have become obsolete just as we do not want to be considered obsolete by our peers or society. In today’s world where social media is all pervasive and communication is so quick, something invented in a small corner of the world becomes a global sensation overnight. Such social networks have made us overexposed to the latest in fashion, furniture and architecture. Even before we adapt to or start adopting a trend, a new one starts taking shape. The shelf life of architecture and fashion styles has been reduced drastically. Earlier a fashion cycle or an Architectural style used to last atleast a couple of years. However, now design has become fluid and there is no sense of exclusivity left to it. Today you are surrounded with people wearing similar types of clothing or adopting similar style of architecture or buying similar type of furniture.

Exclusivity and Individuality may be created when you nurture your individual style and do not follow the ‘popular trend’. Your personal lifestyle, likes and aesthetics will give birth to an attitude, which is completely your own. This attitude, then, influences the way you dress, the furniture you buy and the architecture you indulge in. Your individual style statement may then inspire others and may be followed by the masses to turn it into the next big trend.