Design does not occur in isolation. It is often inspired by the environment around it and in turn, influences the environment. There is a constant interplay between design and people, design and culture, design and art, design and fashion, so on and so forth.

We strongly believe that rich heritage & culture play a major role in development of cities. Often a city inspires us but at the same time warns us. It lives and breathes like us. It transforms its nature several times through the day. During daytime, there is beautiful play of natural light. It filters through buildings, falls on the greens, pavements and water bodies, enhancing the quality of space and volume. We sometimes welcome the bright sunshine and at times seek to escape it by hiding in the shade. As soon as the sun sets, the mood of the city transforms. It dazzles with colourful lights. The volume of light spill from interior spaces fall on pavements or penetrate through the clouds, creating a drama beyond imagination.

Does fashion influence art, architecture and interiors? We keep chasing fashion magazines and exhibitions. Does a show stopper or fashion forecast have an impact on architecture and environment? We try to understand colour palettes, sprinkle them on interior spaces to keep design fit and fresh.

Human behaviour and life in a city, town or a village inspires built and open spaces with magnificent styles of architecture. It is a dynamic process and photography helps to capture these moments, motivating us to design better.

In this section of archive we record aspects of this interaction within our environment in the form of photographs, critics and creative write ups to start the dialogue around design. The photographs showcased may not be technically perfect but reflect the emotion of the moment, which inspires us to design better.