Kayem Foods Industries

Sonipat, Haryana
1,85,000 Sq. Ft

Kayem Food is a leading supplier of cornflakes, morning breakfast cereals and oatmeal to Nestle, Kellogs and Patanjali. They wanted to design and build a speciality factory for production of these high end products, while maintaining international standards of quality and hygiene. The factory was to be built on agricultural land, surrounded by green field plots all around it.

Client brief was to create a factory unit that didn’t look like a typical factory shed. We designed a central production hall of 88.5 m x 47.0 m, which was accessible to the main production unit and was covered with a 47.0 m span truss. The truss was covered with insulated sandwich G.I. sheet from the top and normal sheet from the bottom.

North and east sides of the plot enjoyed diffused natural light throughout the day. All service back-up infrastructure was located towards the south and south-west part of the plot, while the main entry was from the north and north-west directions.

The MS structure was fabricated at Alwar and transported to the site. The machine lines and production unit were designed by international consultants Bob & Charles. Expert opinion was solicited from Mr. Rakesh Mahajan while Pdt. R.K.Sharma provided vastu guidance to align the project for success.